How It Works

Getting started in a few simple steps


Set the default number of guest passes

How many guest passes does each household receive every month or year? We enforce your guest restrictions for you so once a member reaches their limit, they can't create any more guest passes until you replinish their account.


Add households and residents

Inside, each address (or household) is a unit that holds any number of people/resident records. Attach notes to each household unit and flag the ones that are not in compliance with HOA requirements. The individuals attached to each unit are able to check-in to your facility. Use the import feature provided or let us help you transform and import your data for a nominal fee.


Add optional information

Get the most out of by filling out each resident's profile. Attach photos to each record for easy identification at check-in. When you add a resident's email address, they gain access to our easy guest pass request feature to generate a one-time-use guest pass code.


Resident requests a guest pass

The resident enters their email address on our pass request page. They are sent an email with a personalized link to continue the process. The resident selects the number of guest passes they need and receives an email containing the requested access codes.


Attendant at pool/facility checks-in patrons

Allow any number of attendants limited access to your account so they can check-in patrons. Attendants can check-in members based on photo ID or access code. Guests will present their six-digit access code for access.


Track check-ins and guest codes

Use the reporting features to review not only the number of patrons checked-in, but who they were. Guest passes are linked to the household and individual that requested them and all resident/member check-ins are also logged. is very customizable!

You can use it in most any application where you are checking in members or residents, plus we can customize the unit/person labels to fit your needs. Household/residents, owner/residents, member/authorized users at pools, gyms, clubhouses, sports facilities... the possibilities are limitless!